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Initial Assessment

            First of all, professional eye doctors in Salinas, California first will perform a diagnostic assessment on the patient’s eye to determine the problem. During this initial assessment the patient will also have to answer personal questions that the eye doctor asks them.


Possible Solutions

            Next, the eye doctor will determine the best approach to solving the issue that the patient is having. This could involve anything from topical eye drops, to laser eye surgery; it all hinges upon the problem that the patient is experiencing.

Topical solutions can fix problems such as irritable and dry eyes that are caused by the changing of seasons. These contain small amounts of steroids to ease the distress that the patient is experiencing.

Laser eye surgery solutions are more serious methods. This would have to be done to a patient who has a physical anomaly and requires it to be changed so that they can continue to live their life normally.

Treatment Recovery

            After your treatment is finished, now comes the time for recovery. Recovery times can vary from patient to patient and from treatment to treatment. Although recovery times can vary greatly your professional eye doctor will asses your condition and assign you a approximate recovery time. For a treatment of eye drops this could be an on going recovery time, meaning that the drops will work eventually, or it could be as much as 6 months until your normal sight is returned to normal.

Although using an eye doctor in Salinas, California seems like a dangerous procedure, it really is not. There have been many great advances in the field of optometry and optometrists in Salinas, California are very highly trained to perform any procedure you may need.